Amy Judd : 45 Park Lane

We are thrilled to have partnered with Ackerman Studios and 45 Park Lane to bring you Efflorescence a major solo show from iconic British painter Amy Judd. 


Featuring the largest collection of work ever to be shown by Amy Judd with more than twenty works. Her coveted floral and feather works paired with beautiful delicate fabrics sit alongside new vibrant colours never before seen in Judd’s work.   


Amy Judd's paintings show a sliver of a narrative to be continued in the viewer's imagination. She creates intriguing protagonists always partly concealed sitting in a still, silent meditative space. They await a transformation or transcendence, soon to emerge or “blossom”.  


Significant in Amy's work is her joy of painting, she thinks in paint and is always concerned with how a certain luminous light and form can be created, the curve of an elegant neck or edge of a flower petal. The oversized sculptural flora or fauna surreally sit alongside soft skin tones or delicate fabric. The powerful ambiguous relationship between women and nature is an intriguing structure on which to develop this obsession. The result is unapologetically sumptuous and seductive; an attempt to make something beautiful.  


Amy has seen her success and appeal grow throughout her career both here in the UK and internationally. After a taking a year off from painting in 2019 to welcome her second daughter, Amy returned to painting just as the pandemic hit. During this time, we released small collections online which sold out within minutes, with work going to buyers in the UK and around the world.  


The Exhibition is open to the public throughout and we also offer viewing appointments on request.