In her painterly landscapes she has embraced the concept of movement without barriers, though mindful that we are all guests of the landscape. 

Born 1960, Caroline Yates is a graduate of Central St Martins and The Royal College of Art. She also studied fine art printmaking at Camberwell. During this period she exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally.


Humans and gatherings nearly always form the genesis of Caroline’s work; ostensibly comforting environments that may conceal tensions and detachment. Most will be unrecognisable as such on completion, and some of her most recent work excludes the human element entirely, examining the residue of man’s presence; notions of displacement and possession - burden or treasure? 


Large canvases are completed unstretched on the wall or floor, though recently she has been working on smaller substrates, or surfaces where she can scarify and gouge into layers.


For five years Caroline has had an ongoing personal challenge to deconstruct her work, moving away from prescribed, illustrative methods in favour of a more visceral, physical, and subjective approach; some pieces hung, drawn, painted and quartered, only to be reconstructed with collage, stitch or other means.