Earth’s Companion


Medium: UV treated ink with spot gloss on letters on black 3mm aluminium dibond

Edition Size: 15

Signed: Verso

Size: 104 x 104cm

Frame: N/A


Earth Companion is created using the words from Ewan’s original poem


O conductor of the night, compose me a symphony where I may rest my heart for resting my body is resting the soul, calming the storms that make me whole.

O shy star direct me towards what is love and the deeper answers within, for as I call out it’s from there I can begin. 

O mirror of the sun, cast your shadow in the dark, reflect me on the wisdom that teaches from the past. 

O master of the night, companion of the earth, one and the same matter that brought me to birth.

O jewelled midnight cloak with your celestial shining clasp, keep me warm when cold and a light in the dark.

O thankful for your generosity throughout the night, calming my fears before the sun brings its light. 


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