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New work from Tom Marine and Christine Relton

We are very excited to have new work from painting duo Relton Marine up in the gallery. It is almost a year since the last new work from them as they have been in high demand, showing in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Toronto.

Having spent part of the year in Italy the work reflects the stunning scenery of hilltop village San Gimignano, famous for it’s distinctive tower skyline and it’s history dating back to the 3rd century. Tuscan pool (shown) is based on afternoons round the pool, surrounded by lavender, lemon trees and swifts coming in mid flight to drink from the pool.

We also have two landscapes painted in the beautiful Yorkshire dales and Wharfedale, nearby the couples home. Both works draw you in and create a wonderful ambience in any home.

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