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We are delighted to introduce work by Angela Edwards to the gallery.

Angela has always worked within the creative industries and over the past five years has been able to fully focus on her art career. She graduated in 2014 with a BA (hons) First Class in Fine Art. In the same period she was actively involved with art based projects in local primary schools and within community arts projects. Prior to her degree she worked in the fashion industry and in pottery design. She now works from her studio at West Street Loft Studios in West Sussex, which provides her with a wonderfully creative environment to further develop her work.

Angela’s work melds traditional materials with new technology; oil on canvas or board, charcoal on paper are her chosen tools to depict a thoroughly modern subject matter drawn from digital media, such as video, streamed images and often the use of her iPhone.

Her central thesis is connected to a notion of ‘home’, a theme explored from many different perspectives and one she continually returns to.  This ranges from captured images of people returning home from their work environments to the movement of people across continents, namely refugees and asylum seekers – all the representation of people in her work are seeking the solace of home and belonging.

Angela Edwards - Back Again - Hicks Gallery

The representation of people moving through defined spaces, also gives focus to the notion, that while we weave in and out of the spaces of our daily life, there is often a lack of consciousness of critical issues that are occurring in the larger world, thus a certain alienation. This is translated through the digital layering and shadowing  of the images, where the ‘real’ is transformed, into a type of hyper-real, namely, a simulacrum, where a work is not presented as a copy of the ‘real’ but becomes, via the transformed image, a truth in it own right.

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