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Our guide to the art of buying art…

The impact that a few well-placed pieces of art can have on your day-to-day life should never be under-estimated in our opinion, and because of this, consultancy has always been an important part of our business. We have always been on hand for queries, questions and wonderings and we appreciate purchasing art can often be a daunting task. So we thought we’d share some advice (drawing on 30 years of experience, we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way!) and show you how we can help…


Find the works that speak to you – buy art you love

Everyone will have different tones, textures, sizes or techniques that appeal to their aesthetic and senses and will complement their interiors; once you’ve discovered a style, artist or medium that speaks to you, you’ll understand how hanging selected pieces in your home can truly impact your daily mood.


Take your time 

There can be a worry that the piece you’ve set your heart on won’t look as you imagined once you get it home. With this is mind we offer a consultancy service where we can not only bring the work to you but offer advice on position, hanging and if need be we also allow overnight approval. It is important to feel comfortable with the work and seeing it in situ can often be the best way to achieve this.


Invest wisely

Be it a rare Peter Blake, a haunting original from an emerging artist like Bobbie Russon or a new piece from a popular artist such as Amy Judd, if you are looking to start a portfolio of work or add to an existing collection we are more than happy to guide you along the way.

Bobbie Russon - Pink cashmere cardigan (after a bath) - Hicks Gallery


Frame it well

If your work requires framing, this can make all the difference so choose carefully! We are always available to offer advice on all aspects of framing in the gallery framing over the years has been one of the most important elements of our business.

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