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Featuring works from: Bill Bate, Bobbie Russon, Colin Taylor, Flora Mclachlan, Nathan Jones & Bruce McLean

For the winter season, Hicks Gallery brings together a distinctive edit of gallery artists in a mixed show celebrating artistic inspiration grounded in either the human form or the natural landscape…


Nathan Jones’ work closely engages with the world of the theatre – figures can be seen as actors, landscapes as a stage and objects as props. Underlying these theatrical themes is a concern with notions of authenticity and the slippages between the real and fake.


For as long as he can remember, Colin Taylor has been fascinated by ‘landscape’. Why it looks the way it does, how it is managed, used and abused, and in the context of his arts practice; how the landscape has been used to represent personal experience within a single visual image.


Bill Bate - Hopes and Fears - Hicks Gallery

Bill Bate’s work focuses on the human form. By the use of dramatic light his atmospheric works are emotional responses to the body in movement, at rest, and the body observed; he has always been inspired by the human figure and the effect light has upon it. He has used a variety of methods to portray the body such as dance, swimming and also boxing, but it is the physicality of the form and the beauty of the athletic figure that drives him to paint.


Etchings and paintings from Flora McLachlan evoke a single charmed moment out of time, a magical vision that stills. The scene is our ancient and enchanted landscape, roamed by guardian spirit-like animals, shadowed by woods where the holly springs green amongst the bare oaks and beeches.


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