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In focus: Bobbie Russon

We are proud to be showing the captivating works of Bobbie Russon and earlier this month we delved into her inspiration and subjects to bring her works into focus…

Bobbie Russon creates bold and moving depictions of predominately female figures, mapping a path of loss, awkward self-awareness and developing sexuality; she communicates her excruciating shyness as a child and the acute loneliness she felt.

Bobbie Russon, Fade to Black            Bobbie Russon, Hand in Glove            Bobbie Russon, The Stray

The subjects in her paintings are most often female as she draws on her own emotion and experience, “I suppose I use girls in my work, simply because that is what I know. I work quite intuitively, and the imagery and themes come from my own personal experience, feelings and memories, both as an only child to a single mother and as a mother to my two daughters and son. However, while I paint from a female perspective, the themes in the work are more generally about being human”.

Bobbie Russon, The Locket            Bobbie Russon, Baby Doll

Russon’s paintings are charged with the unspoken curiosities within the young girls that they often depict – girls on the brink of becoming adults facing impending independence, the cultivation of a personality, tastes, opinions, thoughts…these children are about to leap into the world of adulthood and appear both vulnerable and brave. “My main source of reference is the ability to allow something from within to emerge as an image in my mind’s eye. I then try to capture that image / feeling on canvas. It inevitably changes and evolves in the process, which is an element of painting I really enjoy.”

Bobbie Russon’s paintings speak to the quiet, contemplative and solitary place in all of us. More as a metaphor for humanity than a literal interpretation, her work speaks to us on an emotional level, giving us time to stand still and reflect on what it means to be human.


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