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First and Foremost: Peter Blake

We are delighted to announce that our first show of 2018 will feature rarely available prints from one of Britain’s foremost artists, Sir Peter Blake – a truly unique opportunity to view and purchase iconic pieces by the ‘Godfather of British pop art’.

One of the twentieth-century’s leading British artists, his work reflects his fascination with all streams of popular culture, the beauty to be found in everyday objects and surroundings. Many of his works feature found materials such as photographs, comic strips or advertising texts, combined with bold geometric patterns and the use of primary colours.

Whilst his works perfectly capture the effervescent and optimistic ethos of the sixties, they are also tinged with sentimentality and nostalgia with particular focus towards childhood innocence and reminiscence; yet they still manage to remain strikingly fresh and contemporary.

2017 saw Peter Blake again at the forefront of the British art scene. The recreation of his now iconic studio at ‘Frieze’ is still one of the most talked about events of the year. Whilst his record-breaking sale at Christie’s for ‘Lady Luck’ shows he is an artist whose popularity only continues to grow both here in the UK and internationally.


On show from 25 January to 25 February 2018

First and Foremost will feature rare works from this iconic artist  including ‘Marilyn’s blue door’ and ‘Some of the sources of Pop’.

For further information on the show and for E-catalogues please contact the gallery at or 020 8944 7171





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