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Beautifully Obscure: Amy Judd

Join us this spring for a very special solo show by the sought-after artist Amy Judd.

Amy unveils a monumental collection of Flora paintings in this spectacular solo show. ‘Beautifully Obscure’ sees Amy Judd’s signature female figures, captured on an impressive scale in oil on canvas, transformed into Amazonian goddesses obscured by, enveloped in and armed with gigantic, voluptuous blooms.

In these bold artworks the fragile, blousy beauty of the flowers is transformed into surreal and sculptural works of art. The petals become suits of armour, helmets, masks and headdresses, while the women they cover stand tall as true viragoes – monuments to female strength, stillness, power and beauty. Robed in crisp white clothes, at once modern and timeless, these are not conventional, yielding Muses.

Taking her inspiration from the Roman Goddess Flora – the Sabine-derived divinity of flowers and symbol of nature, fertility, sex and youth – Amy’s paintings signal a contemporary reimagining and revision of traditional mythology, placing the female form at their core. “Everything for me starts with looking at the relationship between women and nature, and I take free rein from there.” This Flora collection signals a thematic shift, moving on from a folkloric exploration of birds, animals and feather nudes into one cohesive collection of floral works.

Read more about Amy’s inspiration and life as an artist on our blog here


‘Beautifully Obscure’ will be on show from 25 May – 16 June 2018

For further information on the show, private view (24th May) tickets and E-catalogues please contact the gallery at or 020 8944 7171

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