The pursuit of happiness Last days of summer

Amy Carter

Amy Carter reignited her childhood passion for painting in 2016. Since then Amy has been experimenting and refining her style, having exhibited work both here in the Uk and Abroad.  Her work includes large oil paintings of bold flowers.

“I try to capture the natural beauty of the flowers, sometimes painting them after they have started to wilt and decay, giving a darker feel to the work.”

This mood is reflected in the rich blue grey backgrounds that are often present.

“Flowers are very symbolic, often steeped in folklore and intertwined within our culture. Ranunculus, in victorian times symbolised charm and attractiveness. Nearly every species has a specific meaning associated with it. They can symbolise anything from love to death and we have woven them in with our socially constructed ideas of beauty for centuries. “

Amy also paints figurative portraits, often women with floral headdresses which sit alongside her floral pieces, again, they can have a subdued feeling to them,  often painting the faces in muted tones and the flowers in full colour.

Influences include Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, Vladimir Tretchikoff and Joseph Henry Lynch.



Oil on canvas, 64 x 64cm, £1450


Oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm, £1950

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