Abigail Bowen - Forget Me Not - Hicks Gallery

Abigail Bowen

Amy Carter - Pursuit of happiness - hicks Gallery

Amy Carter

Amy Judd - Celestial Light Catcher - Hicks Gallery

Amy Judd

Angela Charles - Still getting away from it

Angela Charles

Angela Edwards - Back Again - Hicks Gallery

Angela Edwards

Bill Bate - Hopes and Fears - Hicks Gallery

Bill Bate

Hicks Gallery - The Stray - Bobbie Russon

Bobbie Russon

Bonnie and Clyde - Ice cream Plaza

Bonnie and Clyde

Bruce McLean - Tall dutch tulips

Bruce McLean

Caroline Yates - Country Picnic - Hicks Gallery

Caroline Yates

Hicks Gallery - Colin Taylor - Immingham Dock

Colin Taylor

Flora McLachlan - Wooded Hills - Hicks Gallery

Flora McLachlan

Gayle Storey - Dandelions - Hicks Gallery

Gayle Storey

Hicks Gallery - Jacob Crivello - Eternal Structure

Jacob Crivello

Joe Webb - Citizens of the earth

Joe Webb

Lucy Farley - Atlantic Red - Hicks Gallery

Lucy Farley

Maria Rivans - Eliza - Hicks Gallery

Maria Rivans

Hicks gallery - Mark Poprawski - Equinox

Mark Poprawski

Martin Richardson - Marilyn

Martin Richardson

Michael Olsen - Butterlies

Michael Olsen

Nathan Jones - The woods Of Daedalus - Hicks Gallery

Nathan Jones

Peter Blake - 100 Sources Of Pop

Peter Blake

Ralph Gelbert - Fire island II

Ralph Gelbert

Relton Marine - Still life with Agapanthus - Hicks Gallery

Relton Marine

Robert Pittam - two mackerel

Robert Pittam

Hicks Gallery - Susan Andrea - Escape

Susan Andreae

Tania Rutland - Clandestine meeting

Tania Rutland