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We can’t wait to get to this year’s edition of this Affordable Art Fair in the unique Nacka Strandsmässan venue, on show from Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th October, we’ll be amongst more than 50 local, national and international galleries exhibiting contemporary artworks by established artists and rising stars…

This year we will be showing exciting works from Abigail Bowen, Amy Judd, Bobbie Russon, Caroline Yates, Flora MclachlanJacob Crivello, Marco Crivello, Michael Olsen and Mark Poprawski

Abigail Bowen‘s large abstract works aim to be fully autonomous paintings that evoke an emotional response in the viewer. Abigail often starts with a word, feeling or passage of text from which she tries to visualise those emotions in colour, form and scale. Although some areas of the canvas may resemble water, clouds or sky, she focuses very hard on removing all reference to reality and in the hope that a viewer can respond to the paintings as unique objects in their and own right.

Abigail Bowen, The Flame

In his work, Jacob Crivello attempt’s to create emotion through re-imagined micro- landscapes where contemporary figures are dwarfed by landscapes of craggy moss-covered rocks, sandy cliff edges, watery gulleys, sparse vegetation, tiny alpine flowers. In a world geared towards supersizing, Jacob creates his poetic microworlds using reverse shift in scale, focusing our attention on freeze-frame dramas unfolding to a natural world of compressed delicacy.

Jacob Crivello - Golden Bar II - Hicks Gallery

A well-established artist Marco Crivello’s works sit between representation and abstraction as he creates atmospheric worlds with his signature use of Dutch gold leaf buried within the geology of the glazed surface. Working mainly in oils yet finding constant inspiration through the unforeseen fusion of different media such as cellulose spray paint, salt, acrylics and Dutch gold leaf he has become as Julian Bell describes him, a “masterly technician”.

Marco Crivello - The land is the seas edge - Hicks Gallery

Please get in touch for further details and complimentary tickets: or 020 8944 7171

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